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Monday, March 19, 2012

Good Morning To You

Well yesterday was a great day, me and Jack drove to Hendersonville for his mothers birthday, Has steaks on the grill and weeded her garden. I don't know what it is but I absolutely love to weed gardens. I guess it is because me and my mom would weed hers every Saturday growing up. I took some pictures out of the window of the car. They didn't come out so great, Oh Well, What did I expect going 65 and around curves.

Well we saw what we saw. Hwy 25 is always beautiful to me. 
While we were up there we stopped by a Video store that was going out of business and they were selling those cards that mark where the movies go. (You know the one you see if they are all out of something) Selling them 4.00 for 100 and I grabbed 250 of them. People were giving me the strangest looks. You know the one. (What she gonna do line the walls with them) But I took them home and started on a project.    
I got out my Handy-Dandy-Bind-It-All and went to work. Four hours later and after exhausting my current supply of Post-Consumer Recycled Printer Paper I have 6 new journals in my Etsy Shop. 

Or at least I will by tomorrow. Its getting late and I need to settle down. Have a Great Morning and See you on the Other Side of Dream Time.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Free Vintage Ephemera Pictures


I Love using Vintage Photos in my collage and Mixed media. Here are three photos for you to download and use however you please. I will be posting more in the coming months. Now go out there and get creative.

My Newest Fascination-Paper Beads

So I recently learned how to make paper beads. My mother made them all the time and sold them at the local summer craft shows, but she could not remember how. So I did a little searching and found a great Blog shows 7 different shapes. There you will find the paper dimensions. 

 Then it is as simple as covering the inside with glue and rolling firmly and evenly. When you arrive at the shape you want and are satisfied with the bead, spray them with Modge-Podge or paint them with clear fingernail polish. I found that the best way to hold them while painting/spraying is to make a drying box. Take an old Shoe Box and cut 3/4 inch slits in the sides about 2 inches apart evenly down both side. Them cut lengths of Tigers Tail (Jewelry Wire) and slide into the slits. If you use a pretty sturdy box this will be strong enough to hold them while you paint them. Let them dry at least 15 minutes in between coats so you dont get any runs or drips. Voila Paper Beads.

Friday, December 16, 2011


Welcome to paper for People. I have recently opened a shop on etsy and invite you to come by and take a look. I will be posting my new listings here as well as sharing crafting ideas and tips from around the web.
Thanks for coming by.